3 Events you must attend in 2017: SXSW, Coachella & the Essence Festival

3 Events you must attend in 2017: SXSW, Coachella & the Essence Festival

SXSW Music Festival 

I’ve attended this festival twice. Once as an attendee ready to party and in 2015, I was a brand ambassador for a tech company. I enjoyed both times and would recommend this festival to anyone. If you want to know the latest in tech, music and film, SXSW is your one-stop destination. Notorious for their work-shops, music performances and amazing after-parties, this festival is worth the  trip to the “Weird” city of Austin, Texas. First Lady, Michelle Obama was there last year giving all kinds of elegance and class. (http://schedule.sxsw.com/2016/2016/events/event_PP93110)

The first year I went, I didn’t have passes and went to all the free events and had a ball. Please book your hotels early because rooms sell-out fast and the traffic is horrible in Austin. I suggest you choose a hotel that offers shuttle service, so you can park and ride to 6th street; the general area of all the events. 

The Festival is from March 10-19 in Austin, Texas. https://www.sxsw.com/

Photos from SXSW’s Instagram account. 

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 

Has anyone wanted to go as much as ME? Beyoncè, Paris Hilton and the hottest brand influencers pop-in at any given moment at the annual event! I love music and two of the industries biggest talents are headlining this year, Beyoncè & Kendrick Lamar. That’s right, the slay doesn’t stop for the Queen in 2017. Kendrick Lamar won countless awards in 2016 and assures the people through all the turmoil we see in the world, “We gon’ be Alright!” #mantra  Gucci Mane, Mac Miller, and more will be at the festival! 

The music, farmers market, art displays, special appearances and hippie vibe is winning me over. There’s on-site camping if you’d like for your stay. You can invite some gal-pals, take a road trip or fly, definitely consider  this festival in 2017. Whether you like rock, pop, indie or hip-hop, this is the place to get your music-fix! 

The annual event is held in Coachella, California (Riverside County). Passes go on-sale TODAY! More deets below. http://splash.coachella.com

Photos from Coachella’s Instagram account.

Essence Festival 

The event is held in one of my favorite cities, New Orleans Babbyyyy. I’ve always wanted to go and may squeeze it in this year. The headliner this year is who other than the lady that reigns supreme, Ms. Diana Ross. I don’t think y’all understand, a living legend is taking the main stage, this is MAJOR! 

In Essence history, it’s known for bringing the world’s greatest vocalist to the city of music. John Legend, Solange, Jazmine Sullivan, Yuna and Ro James are just a few that will be taking the stage this year! This line-up is the perfect pot of melodic gumbo! Attend interactive workshops, explore the city of New Orleans, have a po’boy and don’t forget to enjoy Bourbon. Tickets go fast, so the time to plan is NOW!

June 29-July2


For more info on day events that weekend and all things New Orleans, check out, http://www.nola.com/entertainment/

Also read my post: 3 Reason to Visit Louisiana, incase you leave early and won’t to explore. http://insidemylush.com/2016/11/19/3-reasons-to-visit-louisiana/

Photo from essencefestival.com

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Start from Scratch! 

Start from Scratch! 

I know you all have relatives that can make some mean biscuits, cakes, pies etc. “from scratch”! I’m still working on that! Matter of fact, my grandmother is overseeing me make a 7-up pound cake from scratch this Christmas Eve! Yay!

Making something “from scratch” made me think of my dreams. Sometimes we don’t have the resources to reach our dreams and we’re lost in bewilderment. I’m from a small town, don’t have a lot of outlets to my dreams but I won’t let that stop me. Going into the New Year, take whatever you have in your reach, and make it happen. Use your contacts (don’t be a user, that’s another post), volunteer in the field you’re interested in and put in the WORK! 

We compare ourselves to people that simply did not emerge from thin air, they put in WORK! Oprah, Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, just to name a few have a work ethic that matches their success. 

Mind you, I’ve worked as an on-air personality, assisted with events and hosted events all for FREE! Why, because I have to hone my craft until my blessings manifest. 

So this year, start from scratch! Take an extra class, read more, there are a lot of free webinars and don’t sleep on YouTube tutorials! Whether it’s starting a blog, learning photography, finishing or starting college, whatever that may be–start from scratch and watch your 7-up cake turn out like my Granny’s! Oh so sweet! It doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 48; don’t let society tell you it’s too late. So pull out your ingredients (resources) and start cooking!

Peace and Blessings,


3 Reasons to visit Louisiana!

3 Reasons to visit Louisiana!

I’ve been exploring the bayou state a few months now and Louisiana is stealing my Texas-sized-heart! From the good food to the southern hospitality, you have to take a road-trip or flight to “the boot”. Here’s a few stops I’ve made and 3 places you should check-out!

1. The Whitney Plantation
The plantations first owners were the Haydel Family (German Immigrants). I was in awe after my tour of the plantation. I felt a range of emotions from anger, sad, resentful, gratitude and then  PRIDE. Pride in who I am, my lineage and the rich culture in which I come from.

I freely walked the Whitney plantation, a place that once enslaved African people. African salves were tortured, raised their families and planned routes of escape on the very ground I walked. This particular plantation was known for it’s sugar cane. The tour guide told us slaves were made to wear masks as they tended to the cane fields, to prevent them from eating the sugar cane. All I could think was, “bitter-sweetness”.

I sat in a slave cabin and could only imagine the heartache, rage and pain that lingered in the air. As I toured the plantation, I wondered what would my legacy be? How can I feee myself mentally? How can I break through the glass ceiling not only as a woman, but a African-American woman. 

I thank the staff of the Whitney Plantation for remaining true to the history of the plantation and educationing visitors on the stories of unsung slaves. Even as slaves, they left a legacy–we must continue to build. 

2. New Orleans Museum of Art

I love exploring on Sundays–I feel alive. I drove down to New Orleans and toured the, “NOMA”. The museum is definitely a treat. As I strolled, guests  would stop by the piano and sing along with the pianist. The art and gift of song in New Orleans is unmatched.  On your next or first visit to “Nawlins”, please add this to your to-do list. Take a look!

3. Who doesn’t love a good FESTIVAL?

Home of Mardi Gras and Jazz, New Orleans knows how to have a good time! I attended the, Trème Gumbo Festival presented by the, “New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation.” The event was held at the Louis Armstrong Park. 

The food, music and energy was on-point. The MC told the crowd, this festival is a representation of all walks of life coming together for a good time, despite what we’re seeing on t.v. post-election. It felt good being in the  crowd filled with harmony. New Orleans just feels sooooo, good. I started my day by having Brunch at the, Court of Two Sisters (one of new faves)!  Afterward, I was ready for some good music and of course, I had to save my appetite for some gumbo!


Bayou Soap Co. I bought the Frankincense & Myrrh bar and I’m in love!

Mahalia Jackson Theatre of the Performing Arts

All & All-I love Louisisna and look forward to finding hidden gems in the bayou state.

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The Surface…

The Surface…

As I ponder and let my thoughts flow…
We must stop healing the outside and penetrate the layers within. We can only filter our emotions, insecurities and pain for so long. It’s not a easy-fix, but a transitional period we must all edure to reach our full potential. You see, the surface is an allusion–a Jedi mind trick thats mastered fooling those we encounter. But, how do we see ourselves when we look in the mirror and we’re alone with our thoughts? How can we experience the essence of who we truly are & who God purposed us to be, if we continue to not identify with God’s words. How can we practically walk out faith? We often ask ourselves; what exactly is FAITH?  

Not just quoting bible scriptures and hiding behind the cross, but actually walking in the word–let’s scrape and discard the surface. It seems so hard, but our father stretching out his hand and embracing us, will penetrate beyond the surface and break every layer, standard and ideology the world creates for us…let’s go beneath the surface…-Ebony 

Cajun Eating x Louisiana 

Cajun Eating x Louisiana 

This time last year, I had no idea this would be my TODAY! I accepted a job in emergency management and I’ve been constantly on the GO! I’m currently deployed to Louisiana and I’ve had some of the BEST food. Mind you, I have to start working out like, ASAP! I can’t seem to stay away from the hearty cajun dishes. 
If you’re ever passing through Baton Rouge, trust me, you have to stop at one of these restaurants! Take your pick!

/Restaurants I’m Digging in Baton Rouge/

•Parrain’s Seafood Restaurant-Crab Bisque 

•Another Broken Egg-I put my stamp on this place, sooooo GOOD! 

•Rum House- Th flank steak tacos & pulled pork nachos are so yummy! 

Pho Cafe-Try the pan seared dumplings; A MUST! 

•Coffee House-Coffee & Beignets of course! 

•Zea Rotisserie Grill-I fell in love with their Mediterranean Hummus.

•Velvet Cactus-Margaritas & Mexican Food=YES

•Rice & Roux-Make sure you try their crawfish pies! DELISH! 

•Roux 61-Anything on the menu!

I’m a Texas girl that’s loves to eat and travel! While traveling, I love to try the local eateries because they always have the best homemade dishes and customer service. I must say, I’m loving Louisiana! I’ll keep you posted on my adventures! 

Let me go find out what’s cooking; until next time–kisses!

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Lush Group Presents: East Texas Pin-A-Sister

Lush Group Presents: East Texas Pin-A-Sister

Fibrocystic breast disease, uterine fibroids and two surgeries later, I stand and fight with survivors and those battling breast cancer. 

My 5th-to-7th grade years were a blur. I was diagnosed with fibrocystic breast disease before I fully understood what breast health meant. My tumors continued to grow throughout puberty; by the time I was 19, a large fibroid covered my left breast, surrounded by multiple small fibroids. I had the tumor removed and thankfully it was benign. Everyone doesn’t always receive the same news, and I’ve always had a special place in my heart for those diagnosed with breast cancer. I brainstormed what I could do to raise awareness and unite women to stand and fight together. 

This year, I teamed with Regina Davis, the director of ETMC Breast Care Center to host the, “East Texas Pin-A-Sister” event to raise awareness concerning the vicious disease. I was overjoyed with the support of the event.

Panelist include:

•Co-host, Karena Love; Radio Producer

•Nurse Practitioner, Sheila Williams 

•Owner & Fitness Instructor of B-Fit Personal Training & Bootcamp

•Community Educator & Breast Cancer Thriver of CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances, Tracy Sawyer

 •Tosha Lacy, Nurse & member of Black Nurses Rock

•Breast Cancer Survivor, Deitra Barrett 

Nurse Practitioner; Sheila Williams, Breast Cancer Survivor; Deitra Williams, Host; Ebony Fowler of Lush Group, Owner of B-Fit Personal Training & Bootcamp, Johnny Barrera, Nurse & Member of Black Nurses Rock; Tosha Lacy, Director of ETMC Breast Center, Regina Davis & Co-Host/Producer at Toginet Radio; Karena Love
From tips to a healthier lifestyle, a survivor’s testimony, a pledge to support others in the face of breast cancer while being cognizant of our own breast-care, I’m confident guests left with newfound knowledge to pass on.

Cancer Facts:

•Breast Cancer is the leading cause of death among women between the ages of 20-59.-Susan G. Komen
•440 men will die from breast cancer. -Breast Cancer Research Foundation 

•The five-year relative survival rate for female invasive breast cancer patients has improved from 75 percent in the mid-1970s to 90 percent today. -Breast Cancer Research Foundation 

I admire the strength of those battling breast cancer and survivors that continue to thrive! I will continue to be of service and I’m humbled by the opportunity to serve. 

Take a look at the event!

Black Nurses Rock
We all need a good nurse! Ms. Sheila Williams is the Go-To!
Her sweet spirit shines from within; Survivor, Deitra Williams.
Radio Producer & Co-host, Karena Love
Pretty In Pink.
Shaquita is here to unite with us!
My family came down to show support! Fowler Bunch
Josh & Katrina; SFA Alumni.💜
We stand together and FIGHT!
Mashara came to brighten up the room! #sunshine
Johnny B; Owner & Trainer of B-Fit Personal Training & Bootcamp.
Community Educator & Breast Cancer Thriver, Tracy Sawyer
CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Came out to show support.
Get Fit & B-Fit!
Lush Lady, La’Tisa!
Hey Tambria!
My God-daughter Isabella is here with me!💕
Rocking her PINK confidence.
Nurse Goss is here to fight with us!

Special thanks to my sponsors: ETMC Breast Center, Tyler Public Library, Sugar Boogah Confections, Jersey Mike’s Subs, Menchies Frozen Yogurt, Sister-2-Sister Cookies, Olive Garden & DJacques Photography.

Sugar Boogah Confections came out to show support and brought some tasty treats! Kerrigan’s hands are magic! Follow Kerrigan on Facebook, Sugar Boogah Confections & Instagram @SugarBoogahCo! 

Menchies Froyo Cakes were a hit!
New Location: Menchies’s Village at Cumberland Park-Tyler,Texas
Jersey Mike’s Subs; 1680 S. Beckham Ave. Tyler, Texas 75701

*Black Nurses Rock, Confident Women Rock & Women of Elegance; thank you for showing local love. Always love for Tyler, Texas!❤️️

Photos provided by: DJacques Photography

Instagram: djacques_photography 

E-mail: djacquesphotography@yahoo.com

//This event was Powered by Lush Group//

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Special thanks to editor Coshandra Veasley of Liberate Magazine for covering the event.

Lush event has focus on breast cancer detection and wellness

Gems from Bey. 

Gems from Bey. 

Beyonce is a BOSS! We all know this, even the haters! It’s not only the fact that she’s mastered her craft, but her humility. This past Saturday I attended the, “Formation World Tour ” in New Orleans and it was EVERYTHING! 

What I learned from Beyonce…

She empowers other WOMEN.

Beyonce has a sister circle that dates back to the Destiny’s Child days. She introduced her all female band, back up singers, “The Mamas” and fierce dancers with such joy. Beyonce reiterated through her performance for women to love themselves, know your worth and we can get through anything. I don’t know about you, but I’m all for a good “Naomi & Ruth” friendship; the bible doesn’t lie! Beyonce’s loyalty to her tribe is a direct reflection of why so many are drawn to her. 

Oftentimes as women, we’re hurt by our fellow sisters and swear off friendships with other women, but that indescribable circle of support is a true lifeline. We have a language no man can ever decode, a journey only we have the strength to endure and an innate ability to nurture. It’s time we get back to investing in our  sister-friends and realizing the value of us being together! 

It’s time to BOSS UP.
There’s no need to compare or compete, but a girl can be inspired. Beyonce commands your attention when she’s on (HER) stage!!

 Yes, it takes a team to maintain the Beehive, but let’s not forget Queen Bey is very much in control of her brand. Beyonce isn’t just an entertainer-she founded, Parkwood Entertainment, which she now manages and trains artists. Can you imagine Bey as your mentor? Beyonce’s protégées Chloe & Halle are defiantly a talent to watch for! 

Endorsements, sponsorships, lead acting roles, Beyonce doesn’t STOP or take NO for an answer. It makes you wonder, what’s next for the Queen? The world stopped when Lemonade dropped, I can’t take too much more of this!:) BUT, I’m ready! 

I’ve had some ideas and projects I’ve neglected, but “I’m awoke, NOW!” I ask myself, how can I make the most of my 24 hours and execute? Just do it, Ebony! Prayer and a plan.  Thanks, I needed that bey-sting!

Remain HUMBLE.

You know the line, “Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper!” Yes, we all want to clap back and prove something to a naysayer but guess what?

Accomplishing your goals, standing in the face of adversity and thriving is the ultimate CLAP BACK! 

“Thank you for loyalty, and I’m proud I get out of my bed and get to do what I love every day.”-Beyonce 

“It’s easy to let our accomplishments send us on a ego trip, but remember your character is your true worth!”-Ebony


We live in a world of entrepreneurship, the self-made mentality and we see new brands daily via social media. This is all great, but let’s not forget the importance of teamwork and collaboration. We can’t do it all. Even Beyonce lets her fans perform on tour. Yes, we all sang, “Love on Top” A Capella and kilt it! Kudos from Bey!

The genuine support from Beyonce’s team to make every performance go off without a hitch is the definition of loyalty and teamwork. There’s no I in TEAM. In order to be a leader, I strongly believe you must be willing to serve. 

It’s okay to be vulnerable.

I’ve been very guarded throughout my life, but this birdie is finally spreading her wings. It’s okay to let people in! Beyonce has been very private throughout the years and with age, (it’s something about the 30s) she’s allowing us to see the fullness of Beyonce.

 Some say the album Lemonade is a reflection of Bey’s life and although she hasn’t confirmed or denied, it feels good to see Beyonce as our sister or friend that goes through hardships. 

Women are resilient and as a black Woman, we walk a walk many can never imagine; we need to release and be able to just scream sometimes, “Who the —- do you think I is?” You know the lyrics! It’s ok to feel and open up our bleeding hearts. 

Put on your 6 inch heels.

Cliché–but confidence is key. Beyonce struts effortlessly across a stage and we ALL have a stage!! Excel at work and strut in with confidence. Married, pull out those heels and make sure your husband knows he married a Queen. Or throw on some heels and dance around your house. If you do it with confidence, you’ll master anything! 

Fave songs: Daddy Lessons, Love Drought, All Night. The Beyhive showed up & showed out! You would of thought it was Mardi Gras! Until next time, Bey Good!

Peace & Blessings,

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